About me


Hi guys.
You have known me now in 3 years so lets get personal.

Spirituality & religion
I have very often wondered who I am – spiritually especially. Very often the useless challenges I meet defines me. If I am constantly struggling to find & resolve these challenges that at end of the day doesn’t matter much, I’d lose my inner peace. Having a religion & belonging to an organized branch of one of the great (in numbers) religions in our contemporary history is a challenge. Because of the situation around the world, I am often very embarrassed to even call myself a Muslim based on what I read, hear and see in the media.

Dark times in poverty
The darkness we witness is unprecedented since the second world war. All though extremists are the few and not the many. It doesn’t help really for those who loose loved ones in reprehensible acts of mass murder.  Just the thought of having this darkness in our life gives me the chills throughout  my spine. It also amazes me how easy it is to live both in financial and intellectual poverty, being unable to take responsibility. At the same time it shouldn’t amaze me really since it is exactly that poverty that takes us away the power of responsible thinking and reflection over our own decision and fate.

What I do?

I have decided not to let what I do, have done and will be doing define me as an individual – since I don’t consider myself as a non-stop sales man. I publish stuff on my page, if you like what you see, hear & read well my pleasure – if not well I guess that’s how life is. I have found out that my purpose in life is to try to live in the moment. The reason I have chosen the arts as a way of expression is simply that it freezes the time and makes it easier to remember the ups and downs that I have experienced in life. Like the song I am hearing now, Alice Deejays “Better off alone” is a constant reminder of the innocence of my youth & my belief in ideals of humanity. Conclusively before belonging to any religion or faith, we belong to a larger family – that family is called the human race.


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