The duck

“If it walks like a duck and it talks like a duck, then it is a duck. However I don’t think this is a duck.
Kind regards
Ali Sobut



New instrumental beat – Blue Sky


Hope you like what I have made. If not to bad. My work is impeccable. So if you dont like, your taste in music sucks haha.


Kind regards
Ali Sobut

I am so deep…

“I usually am not the one to brag, but sometimes the depth of my own soul really amazes me and I then feel like being 100 years old.

The last songs that I have been trying to compose have been about milk and food”.

Kind regards
Ali Sobut

Long time no seen

“Hi guys. 

Long time no seen. I just recorded my newest single. I am still uncertain about the publishing date. I will come back to you on that”. 

Kind regards

Ali Sobut 

RIP my sweety – I Think

 “We have been together for almost 10 years. I can’t believe you chose to get on the deathbed so early in our relationship. I will equip you with greatest engineering doctors available to have you once again in my life. If you die, you will be replaced, but not forgotten. Your greatest admirer and fan – to my dear pc, my next song is dedicated to you”.

kind regards
Ali Sobut

Oslo World Music Festival – 28th October 2015 (OpenX)

Whats up?
This years Oslo Worlds Music Festival, also known as OWMF, is going to be packed with great showcases and open mic performances.

Time:     08:00 pm.
Place:    Nordic Black Theater
Expect: Great vibes, great crowds & great artists

On behalf of one of those artists performed previously at the open mics I wish you all welcome. I am not sure if I’m going to perform this time around, but I would do my best to come and support my fellow artists on this event.

Free Entrance 

Kind regards
Ali Sobut