Happy Valentines Day with a Poem

burning heart

Our hopes and dreams are intertwined. When you see it, so will I. It can be realized in my time. If not in sentences, maybe in rhymes. They will shine through the nights. As you become my valentine, a prophecy foreseen by St. Valentine.

Kind regards
Ali Sobut

Visual Artist: Eswaran Arul Kumar
Company: Orion Design
Site: http://oriondesign.no/


The window to your soul



“The eye is regarded as the window to your souls. The saying is that your eyes never lie. Does this photo show anything of such? I am the artist, you’ll be the judge”. 

Kind regards
Ali Sobut

Belief in perfection

“Hope is like a visibly discreet movement in abstract art. It might sometimes feel like there is no reason to hope anymore, but the reason is there constantly. We are too blind to see the movement in our hopes and dreams because we have created a bubble in our hopes and dreams that we call hopelessness. This abstract art is the artists’ way of calling on humanity to hope again, since the path and movement towards perfection has never ceased, but that our belief in it has”.

kind regards
Ali Sobut



“Give the heart to darkness,
feel it fly away with calmness”.

By Ali Sobut
Poetry Nights

Or quote: “Before looking for evil in others, look at yourself and seek refuge from your own before throwing judgement on others” Unquote.

Kind regards
Evil Ali Sobut


“Sharing and keeping information can kill or create relationships. Choosing one or the other can be measured by my own motivation behind former or latter. Since I am no mind reader I will try considering different outcomes and principles when choosing between the two. However mostly emphasizing the former”.

Kind regards
Ali Sobut