Self-righteous much?

“Graphically portraying a moral philosophical dilemma by portraying a person, which happens to be Ali Sobut, who thinks he knows everything and try to convince others about his belief by taking a self-righteous act”.

Kind regards
Ali Sobut



“Give the heart to darkness,
feel it fly away with calmness”.

By Ali Sobut
Poetry Nights

Or quote: “Before looking for evil in others, look at yourself and seek refuge from your own before throwing judgement on others” Unquote.

Kind regards
Evil Ali Sobut


“As the rage inflames the heart.

As the cage unties the mind.

It shines through, emotions of its kind.

See it through, feel it shine.

This is the rage of humankind”.

Kind regards
Ali Sobut


“Love is when I want having someone in my life, not so much because I feel better about myself when she is around me, but because the object of my love and affection is happy being with me.

If the result of my love is your happiness, then this means I do actually love you”.

Kind regards