H. G. Wells on what is being human

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Experience pain and suffering, for intense joys and triumphs


Quote by Achenbach J. from Washington Post: “Here’s a thought: The revolutionaries of the future will be the people who keep their lives natural. They will choose to grow old. They will allow themselves to experience pain and suffering, so that their joys and triumphs will be all the more intense.” 

Achenbach J. (2015) A Harvard Professor Says He Can Cure Aging But Is That a Good Idea? Available at: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/achenblog/wp/2015/12/02/professor-george-church-says-he-can-reverse-the-aging-process/ (Accessed: 16.07.16)

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Ali Sobut

Sea of oppurtunities


“The open sea can create a lot of possibilities for us. Imagining life as open waters can create an understanding  that the rainy weathers, stormy days & lightning strikes  in the sea are challenges towards glory & perfection. Keeping this in mind can help us in our darkest hours that when life gives lemon we can always try making lemonade out of it.”

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Eternal beauty



The beauty within me lays in my misery. It tries to flee from my core. Some of it is already gone. In order to keep my beauty forever I need to live in eternal misery. Can I really do this?

Interpretation/quote by: Ali Sobut

Painting by: Camilla Monsen


“Give the heart to darkness,
feel it fly away with calmness”.

By Ali Sobut
Poetry Nights

Or quote: “Before looking for evil in others, look at yourself and seek refuge from your own before throwing judgement on others” Unquote.

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Evil Ali Sobut