Welcome to musicoins

Hi all. I recently became a member of something called musicoin. I put all my demos and master songs there so that we get to know each other better. I will add a reference link here for ure membership in this platform. Streaming of my songs will be available as well as a whole lot of other songs – free of charge for the public. Once you have become a member through the reference link, I update it. I have only four reference links left. So here’s goes nothing – hurry up now:


                                                      We will meet at musicoin
Kind regards Ali Sobut


The post

“The post that will host the toast. The toast that pose the coast. The coast dries cause of this post. WHAT?!?!??

Kind regards

Ali Sobut

Happy 17.th of May

“Congratulations Norway on an independence day that is envy of a few and admiration of many all over the world. People fought, shed sweat and tears but never gave up. Glad to be part of a proud red, white and blue march which is a celebration of freedom, equality and democracy. Hoping to see all these virtues for us many years to come and for future generations.”

Kind regards
Ali Sobut